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Experience the Halo Effect

How EcomHalo helped ZVOX Audio return to big-box shelves after
18 months of lost sales

When COVID-19 disrupted supply chains, ZVOX Audio scrambled to convert to a dropship model—but lost 18 months of ecommerce sales anyway.

That’s when EcomHalo stepped in.

With a one-of-a-kind Retail Acceleration + Omnichannel Optimization model, EcomHalo helped ZVOX Audio reopen lost revenue streams, expand their retail presence, and reduce transport spending.

Store. Ship. Strategize. Seamless. That’s the Halo Effect.

Company Profile


ZVOX Audio’s mission: to make high quality, high performance sound systems easy to use.

Integrated Retailers
  • 2004: ZVOX 315 becomes the first commercially successful soundbar.
  • Today: ZVOX’s patented AccuVoice technology keeps voices clear, even at low volumes—making the soundscape more accessible to people with hearing loss.
Other Facts
  • One of EcomHalo’s earliest clients. ZVOX co-founder/CEO Tom Hannaher has this to say: “It was one of the first instances in history where being the guinea pig was a good idea.” (We’re happy to hear it, Tom.)

Let’s Increase the Volume

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Unified Inventory
Online and Off

One partner fulfills all orders across all sales channels.

One cloud-based dashboard displays all your data—updated in real-time.

Retailer Activation

Sell with the world’s largest retailers in a matter of days, not months.

Get products listed for ecommerce in less than 24 hours.

A Personal
Guardian On Call

EcomHalo Guardians cater directly to individual clients.

Your on-site fulfillment specialist is never more than one phone call away.

Meet the company that changed TV sound.

Founded in 2003 by consumer electronics industry veterans, ZVOX Audio’s mission is to make high quality, high performance sound systems easy to use.

In 2004, ZVOX took the multi-speaker home theater sound system and condensed it to an all-in-one-cabinet device. That was ZVOX 315: the first commercially successful soundbar.

For the company that transformed a cluttered system into one beautiful, user-friendly device, partnering with EcomHalo just made sense.


A chaotic system
complicated every decision.

Even before COVID-19, ZVOX was struggling with daily workflow snags and slowdowns as a result of inefficient logistics.

Wide range of products + multiple sales channels + warehouses owned by multiple fulfillment companies each using a different Warehouse Management System = 10x the headaches.

With their fulfillment and logistics management so scattered, it was hard to make data-driven decisions regarding inventory allocation—which meant constant last-minute small shipment fees between warehouses.

ZVOX needed a strategy that mirrored their business philosophy: take a complicated system and make it simple.

“It resulted in paying truckers too much money and it didn’t make any sense. But it was done anyway because that’s all we knew how to do.”

—Tom Hannaher


Turning chaos into orders—
with EcomHalo.

Small shipment costs eliminated.

By centralizing their physical and digital logistics, ZVOX no longer spends time and money moving product between warehouses. As a savings multiplier, ZVOX leveraged EcomHalo’s pool of carrier partnerships to receive competitive rates on domestic parcel shipping.

Maximum efficiency. Minimum decision-making.

One logistics partner handles all order fulfillment. 95% of ZVOX’s inventory is stored in one warehouse staffed with on-call fulfillment specialists.

Freight transport as easy as drag-and-drop.

If ZVOX needs to reallocate a truckload of inventory, there’s no need to source a driver. All they have to do is move product on the digital dashboard. EcomHalo takes care of the rest.

The Halo Effect – expanded

on-call service.

EcomHalo’s mission: that no one ever feels like a number.

No more afternoons wasted on 3PL phone tag. EcomHalo clients have a direct line to their personal Guardian.

“I have someone’s direct line when there’s an issue. I can call and I get the problem taken care of right away.”

—Tom Hannaher

Care of a small
business. Connections
of a big player.

EcomHalo clients have access to 30 years of established industry relationships and partnerships with 25+ of the world’s largest retailers.

“If there’s already a vendor account established, buyers are happy to do business with you.”

—Tom Hannaher

New spaces.
No problem.

By partnering with EcomHalo,
ZVOX Audio:

Gained access to a built-in retailer network, leading to immediate sales

Increased efficiency and agility by using one centralized software platform

Reduced freight spending and inventory allocation decision-making


Now, with lost sales and logistics issues in the past, ZVOX Audio can focus on what they do best: transforming the future of sound.

They’re doing incredible things. And
we’re honored to support them—by opening doors, activating new channels, and handling the moving parts.

Retail acceleration. Omnichannel optimization. One system for all
your needs.

That’s the Halo Effect.

”With the conversion of retailers to dropshipping, EcomHalo gives us the ability to have one company handle every logistics aspect of our business.”

– Tom Hannaher,
CEO of ZVOX Audio
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