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EcomHalo is a nationwide 3PL provider delivering warehousing, logistics, fulfillment, and more.

With a warehouse in Las Vegas, you can focus on what you do best – building your brand.

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“I have someone’s direct line when there’s an issue. I can call and I get the problem taken care of right away. The personal level of service… that’s a nice thing.”

– Tom Hannaher,
CEO of ZVOX Audio

Why choose EcomHalo?

One-stop storage, on the ground and in the cloud
With 7 strategically located warehouses, manage all your inventory under one system. Eliminate freight transport fees by shifting inventory on our cloud-based dashboard—it’s easy as drag-and-drop.

On-site, on-call customer service
EcomHalo Guardians cater directly to individual clients. Your personal fulfillment specialist is never more than one phone call away.

One partner fulfills all orders
We pick, pack, and ship all orders across all your sales channels. Today’s customers want a unified brand experience no matter where they’re shopping. We deliver it.

Start shipping in 3 steps.


Connect with a Guardian to set up your account, importing your products into our easy-to-use software.


Ship your inventory to a fulfillment center staffed with on-call customer service agents.


Track orders, manage inventory, and view sales analytics on your digital dashboard.


Strategic Warehousing

We house your inventory in strategically located fulfillment centers staffed by on-call customer service agents.

Pick & Pack

We pick, pack, and ship all orders across all channels, with 2-day delivery coverage nationwide.

Kitting &

Multi-part, multi-product kits assembled with flexibility and accuracy.


We process and handle customer returns and surplus inventory.

Fully Integrated

Our cloud-based dashboard provides real-time visibility of orders and inventory. View fulfillment status, shipping status, tracking number, and more—including data analytics to help you predict and prepare for sales spikes.

What is omnichannel fulfillment?
It’s when one fulfillment partner handles all orders across all sales channels: brick-and-mortar, ecommerce, retail, and so on.
Do you provide 2-day shipping?
Yes. With 7 fulfillment centers strategically located from coast to coast, we’re able to provide 2-day delivery coverage nationwide.
Can I provide my own custom packaging?

Yes. We’re able to accommodate custom packaging and kitting.

What software integrations do you offer?
We offer 30+ ecommerce shopping cart, marketplace, and shipping carrier integrations—as well as integrations with 25+ top retailers including Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Your all-in-one order fulfillment and retail growth partner.

Start shipping with EcomHalo.

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